Language immersion is, without a doubt, the absolute best way to learn a language. However, spending an academic term or full year abroad is about much more than just learning a language. It’s a unique opportunity to truly submerse yourself in a new culture and completely integrate yourself into a country’s way of life: the school, a group of friends and a different family.

Here at the Ben Smith Academy:

We personally meet with each and every family separately in order to adapt our program as much as possible to your specific needs. We are here to guide you in the process from the very first contact, to take care of all the documentation you’ll need and are available to answer any doubt or concern you may have.

We are at your disposal during the entire experience, from even before you make the reservation, throughout the entire trip and until your child returns home. Moreover, we count on the collaboration of Viajes Áncora, the company responsible for taking care of all the “tourism” aspects included in this immersion experience (flights, insurance, etc.).

Write us and we’ll send you a detailed catalogue with information about everything included in this program.