Our team of native translators has extensive experience working with a wide range of documents.

If you’d like to see a sample of our work, don’t hesitate to send us an email with your particular preferences.

In order to receive a free price estimate with no obligation, send us the document you wish to have translated and we will send you the estimate as soon as possible Translations are charged per word and there is a minimum fee for very short texts. The price per word depends on the technical nature of the document, the length of the text and the deadline. All our translations go through a meticulous correction process during which our native staff reviews the result of the translation in order to ensure it is not simply a literal translation, unduly influenced by the original language of the text.


Disponemos de un equipo de intérpretes, cuyos trabajos más recientes incluyen:
Interpretación para los negocios relacionados con las propiedades españolas del Duque de Westminster.

The Ben Smith Academy also has a team of interpreters. Some of the most recent work includes:
Interpreting for the business related with the Duke of Westminster’s Spanish properties.

Simultaneous interpreting during cultural events held as part of the DORNA European Project (organised by the Diputación da Coruña)

Interpreting during European Conferences held at the School of Physical Therapy (Universidad de A Coruña)

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“The Ben Smith Academy has provided, and continues to provide, invaluable assistance for many of the projects related with our Spanish estate. Not only do they offer a superb, professional service, but their interpreters are always incredibly polite with the employees on our estate. This makes it much easier to forge bonds with our colleagues and helps us to achieve our goals.”

Family Office Executive for the 6th Duke of Westminster.